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Paparazzi and Event Photographers

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Do you ever stop and think...


"I should have my own Paparazzi to greet me as I step out of my Limo"


"I would like to treat someone else to the Paparazzi experience"


Maybe you just want some candid shots of yourself for the photo album while you are out and about. Light Studios Paparazzi can help boost your image and provide you with getting that extra attention and documenting your adventures whilst out on the town.


Booking Paparazzi is a fantastic present for any occasion, it brings smiles and fun as well as lots of attention to the person or persons you want to surprise. 


Light Studios Paparazzi is suitable for all occassions including:

  • Hen Nights
  • Stag Nights
  • Christmas Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagements
  • Prize givings
  • Nights out
  • Corporate events
  • Leaving Parties
  • Announcements
  • Promotions
  • Impress a new partner, friends and colleagues

You can book any number of photographers for any amount of time.


Be sure though that however many or however long our photographers are in attendance they will play their part well, with professional cameras and flash guns, they will call out your name or whoever they are papping to make the experience unforgettable.


Hire your own photographer or an entourage of paparazzi to capture your every move. Photos will be available after the event. You can become a celebrity for a day having a pictures taken of you going about everyday life or making your grand entrance or exit. 


Our Paparazzi photographers can capture your guests as they arrive at the party, whether it be the office party, birthday party or celebration in venues such as bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs, we can pap virtually anywhere, and can guarantee that the first moment when the person being pap'd first hears their name being called out and sees a flash of cameras will never be forgotten.


If you want to take things a step further we can also bring barriers and a red carpet to walk along when entering or leaving a building.


We can also arrange for those who have had a Paparazzi experience to receive a paper with their photograph on the front cover and an announcement of the occasion.


We have Paparazzi photographers all over the UK so instead of sending flowers, cards or presents why not be original and send the Paparazzi.





Same price anywhere in the UK

  • Up to one hour per paparazzi photographer           £120.00
  • The price after 1 hour is £50 per hour per pap.

For booking with more than 5 Paprazzi and/or over 3 hours discounts available

Please call for details.



Style of Paparazzi Clothes

Paparazzi Photographers can be dressed in 1950s Pap style over coats and hats

or Modern Day Paps


What the Pap Photographers do

The Paparazzi Photographers will suprise their targets by calling out to them, flashing their cameras, chasing after them up the street, flashing their cameras into cars and making them feel like celebrities




Event Photographers

Our event photographers are based all over the UK

we cover all types of events and gatherings

We can supplie any amount of photographers

We have facilities to print at event or to put images onto an online gallery


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