eCommerce and Product Photography, Packshots

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 on most orders over the value of £300.00

* please see below for conditions

What we do- Products and packshots photography

The Light Studios e-commerce product photography services provides beautiful clean high quality, professional cost effective product photographs ready for your retail web site. Products are 'cut out' against a pure white back ground.

We are specialists in photographing products and packshots at affordable prices.


Our Product Photography Studio

Our product and pack shots photo studio operate a UK countrywide service offering free shipping of your products too and from the studio for orders over the value of £300, if its under our rates are extremly competitive. Our studio is fully equipped with high tech photography and lighting equipment to meet your digital photography demands no matter what type  the product is. We have a selection of lens's that will be just right for your packshot photography, whether it is knolling photography, product photography or creative photography.


Pack shots, clothing, accessories and products

Whats included

Product and packshot photography could workout as little as £6 per image inclusive.


Prices are as follows:

1 - 35     images £10 per image


35 - 60  images £9 per image


60 - 100 images - £8 per image


100-200 images - £7 per image


200+ -     images - £6 per image



* Minimum charge £80 


Creative photography £250 + £1 per image for up to 4 hours / £450 + £1 per image for between 4 - 8 hours


For cutouts there will be an extra charge of £1 per product whether singular or part of a group/collection


For model photo shoots the charge is £120 per hour, each image is £1 per image, please note this does not include model and makeup artist fee.

  • White background on all images
  • Removal of scratches and minor imperfections form products
  • Images tones and colour corrected
  • Images supplied as print ready files as well as file optimised for websites
  • Images delivered on line
  • Cut out photography available

Creative photography

Whats included

The cost for our creative arrangement photography for your products is £80.00 per hour.


The amount of time it takes to arrange a creative photograph depends on how complex the set up is eg lighting requirements and the degree of styling. It also depends on the amount of products you have to be photographed.


Please call us and we can talk through your  ideas to give you a quote that will fit your budget. 


  • Sourcing of props and backgrounds if required
  • Creative styling /direction
  • High quality digital photography
  • Free delivery of images online or on disc (images are always supplied as print ready files as well as file optimized for websites)

Clothing Photography

There are 4 different options for clothing photography

  • Mannequin
  • Invisible Mannequin
  • Shoot flat
  • On a model


Each option includes the following

  • Wrinkle removal with steaming
  • Images retouched to remove minor imperfections
  • Colour correction to ensure correct colour and tone
  • Free delivery of images online 


Invisible Mannequin

The items are photographed on a mannequin after which the background is removed.

The mannequin is still visible in these shots.

The current trend is to photograph garments is on an invisible mannequin. The clothing is styled and then photographed on a mannequin. By composing a number of images we can display the interior of the garment giving the clothing style and shape.

Flat shots

We do not use a mannequin at all but shoot your clothing flat. The garments are positioned on a white surface and individually styled ensuring the fabric has movement and form.

Policy during Covid-19

During the Covid-19 out break we are still operating a studio based photography service but practicing social distancing. We there fore are using a courier service and have lowered our photography fees to reflect this, the prices above are our usual tariff without courier for further details please call us on 07957 165317 or email:

Prices that suit your budget



* Details

We pay return courier fees for boxes up to 15kg in weight /and up to  dimensions 60cm x 40cm x 30 for orders of £300 or more, please contact for further details.




The Light Studios provides full on-site photography services, including product, premises and architectural photography, among others.


For studio inquiries and bookings call 07957 165317 or use our online form to check for availability.