Terms and Conditions


Payment Terms:


  • Our payment terms are strictly net 28 days (four weeks) unless otherwise stated on invoice.
  • Should payment not be made in accordance with the above the Light Studios may withhold the photographic images and recover damages.or may exercise its statutory right to interest under the Late {Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
  • The clients right to reproduce a picture comes about when the Light Studios invoice is fully paid.Use of the images before this could result in a breach of this agreement and the Client will be liable for the payment of damages.
  • If the invoice is not paid by the due date then all unpaid invoices issued to the Client become due of immediate effect, if these invoices remain overdue then The Light Studios may consider pursuing the overdue invoices with legal action for the recovery of the debt.



  • The Light Studios photography will edit every take and deliver what it considers to be the best of every situation covered.
  • Unless a rejection fee has been agreed in advance, there is no right to reject on the basis of styling, editing or composition.

Booking and Cancellation


  • Once a booking has been made for a specific time and date and this dates /time has been confirmed, The Light Studios Photography will not accept any other work from other clients during that time and date.
  • If a booking is confirmed and then subsequently cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged according to the following schedule.(i) When a client cancels a confirmed booking within 30 days of a confirmed date then an admin fee of £45.00 is charged. 



  • It is the Client who must satisfy himself that all necessary rights, release forms and consents may be required.

Applicable Law


  • This Agreement shall be subject to and constructed according to English Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive direction of the Courts of England.
  • No variation of terms and conditions set out herein shall be effective unless agreed in writing by both parties.
  • Email communication constitutes a contract in law, unless the Client specifically states they will not accept this and instead provides hardcopy paperwork of all relevant agreements and contracts.